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Gateway Facial Therapies

I'm so proud to showcase the exquisitely #talented and oh-so #luxurious Gateway Facial Therapies!

(but for real, if you want a facial that feels better than any massage, schedule a treatment today!)

Featuring an all inclusive Branding and Web Design package, along with Social Media set-up and integration.

My dear, sweet, and insanely gifted friend, Christine Servello, owner of Gateway Facial Therapies, was involved in the development process from concept to launch. We worked one-on-one on her #logo concept, editing and tweaking it until it just felt right for her. From there, we designed some pretty awesome business and gift cards, featuring a gorgeous #goldfoiling treatment.

When it came to designing her #website, she completely trusted me to "work my magic", so I built her a site that had functionality for her business, with stylistic touches that encompassed her #brand. Once I was done with the site, we sat down together and edited until she was comfortable to go live.

Once we had launched her site, it was time to get her social media accounts set up and integrated. Christine asked for some direction with content and posting, which we walked through together from my couch!

My hands-on approach allows my clients to take control of their brand, not just respond to an email.

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