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Terms & Conditions



I sincerely look forward to working with you on your design projects. Please take the time to read  through my Terms and Conditions. You should be empowered in all professional matters and understand them clearly prior to beginning our working relationship together.

*Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice

You can expect that no matter the size or type of project you have, you will ALWAYS get:


Market research helps to determine who your competitors are and what they are doing. This helps me create a unique image and experience for your project that will set you apart from your competition.


If you have an idea or concept that isn't the best, I'll tell you, but don't worry - I'll always bring a helpful suggestion to the table.


It's my personal goal to help you find and determine the absolute best resolution for your project. Even if that means sending you to another trusted professional. I would rather lose you as a client and have your needs met, than waste your time with no results.


I can't stress enough the value of education when it comes to the empowerment of your brand and design. I will provide you with everything you need to be able to succeed after I've completed your project.

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