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How much does a website cost?

BUDGET: Everybody's favorite part of the web design process (and well, life in general).

I think we all understand the point of having a budget, but what if you had a better understanding of where your money was going and why something like a website costs what it does?


So, why does a website cost $3000 (ballpark price, not all web designers and website needs are created equal)?

Besides the obvious of just making the site look nice and connecting your domain name, there are three (3) really important things that need to be done to ensure that your website is serving you, your hard earned money, and your business as best as it possibly can:


KNOWLEDGE: Knowing how to apply all of those crucial elements is a continual effort being made on your designer's part. As technology and communication advances, so do the methods in which we design your website. Think about it, what was once common practice amongst web design a short five years ago has drastically changed.

Andy McIlwain, a Content and Community manager for GoDaddy says it best in his article 'A recent history of web design trends: 2015 – 2019':

"Even five years ago, the web looked very different than it does today. Today more browsing happens on mobile than desktop. New web technologies like CSS3, programming libraries like Vue.js, and faster bandwidth have opened up interactive and engaging designs that were impossible just a few years ago. Visitors demand more user-friendly experiences, abandoning sites that aren’t up to par, making quality web design more important than ever before."


TIME: It also takes time! It's creating content and a layout that will work on multiple screen sizes; it's resizing images and researching keywords; it's looking at what your competitors are doing and analyzing what works and doesn't work with their website. All of this takes some serious hours! A basic website can take weeks to complete, and then have revisions that need to be made after that.


EXPERTISE: Did you know that Google has rules for your website and the way that it's designed? In fact, if your site doesn't abide by those rules, it can be penalized and ranked lower in search results. Did you know that Google updates and changes those rules constantly? This is what you're paying for! And this is why it's really important to do yourself a favor and really research to find a quality designer.

If you think you're going to get quality by paying your friend's nephew $300 to build your new website, you might be in for a rude awakening.

It's as simple as this:

You get what you pay for.

Your website should be an investment. And who you work with truly does matter.

If you're ready to get started on your new website with someone that sincerely values you and the success of your business, get in touch today.

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