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Branding Bonnie

Let me tell y'all about Bonnie.

The better part of a decade (at least) ago, I was working in the service industry at this #swanky Asian Fusion restaurant right off of the interstate in Ocala, FL. I had been working there for about a year, and I was constantly being barked at by one of my managers, a tiny asian woman named Jin that would always say to me, "for such big brown eyes, you not see much."

I suppose it was my constant failure to monitor the entire restaurant every possible second of my shift that Jin hired another hostess. Working with Bonnie was basically the equivalent to working with Mary Poppins. She would sing or hum to herself 97% of her shift. Fast forward to current day and Bonnie and I have lived some life since our days at that restaurant. She's now the mother to a gaggle (her words, not mine) of children, and an insanely talented #photographer.

Bonnie wanted to #rebrand herself with a #logo that would serve as a better representation of who she is and what her work represents. As you can see from the gallery above, she's got an eye for the female form, whether in motion or stillness - she's got that gift to be able to find those magical moments from behind a lens.

Now, what most people don't realize about branding their business, is that it's an extremely difficult process to find conclusion with. Think about it - you're trying to visually express in one image, to the world, who YOU believe you are - or at least who you want THEM to believe you are. It's a daunting task!

We explored various #design concepts, ranging from highly detailed imagery, down to minimalist single line #illustration. After trying a good handful of concepts that didn't seem to resonate with Bonnie, we had an honest conversation. This conversation is one that as a designer, I find myself having to turn to occasionally. Not because I doubt my abilities, but because I want to be certain of what I'm creating and I want my client to be certain as well. So we talked it out and ended up stripping away all of the "little details" we were trying to incorporate and we developed a beautifully simple graphic illustration.

You can never underestimate the power of simplicity. Bonnie's work already speaks volumes for itself, therefore her logo could be this simple thing of beauty in the eyes of its beholders.

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